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School council for 1st term 2005

Children have elected the first ever, members of their school council. The election system is quite the opposite of what we all know. No competitive campaign whatsoever, children had to think of good reasons why they should choose so and so to represent their class at the school council. This is a summary of the election results are:
P.3 members elected
     1. Mugisha Jenepher
     2. Mwesigwa Simon Peter

The reasons children gave are that both candidates are bright, they are always clean and smart, confident, always ready to help class members to spell some difficult words and they attend school regularly.

P.2 members elected are:
     1. Keishmeza Shantal
     2. Tumwebaze Chelsea

The reason children gave for Shantal is that she is having a good admirable handwriting. They also had observed Chelsea as a clever girl and that she is not talkative in class.

P.1 members elected are:
     1. Omonding Wycliff
     2. Nantongo Tracy

The reason given for Wycliff was just simple. He is clever! And for Tracy they said she writes good work and is ever the first to finish any class activities.

Top Class members elected are:
     1. Latim Ronnie
     2. Mbabazi Pauline

Ronnie had unique qualities too. Class members said that he is physically strong and always helps to put up chairs on tables to create more space. Lastly they said he has the looks of a boss. For Pauline, they said she always finishes her class work in time and she always volunteers to clean the blackboard for fresh class activities.

Middle Class members elected are:
     1. Kisarwot Benjamin
     2. Alego Rachael

Reason for Benjamin children said he speaks good English and always tries to be a friend to class members. For Rachael they said she is smart and does good work in their class.

Reception class is still in another world but there are many signs of quality leadership as we develop them. Hopefully they may be represented in the 2nd term's cabinet because there will be elections for every term to give others opportunity to serve at their school.

Friday 18th February the first meeting will sit and the chairperson, vice and council secretary will be elected for the council business under the guidance of the head teacher.

The benefits of school council at Golden bell
Children take responsibility and help to improve on behavioral front. They learn to solve problems fairly, become more confident, learn to take part is purposeful discussions. Children are trained to become better listeners during discussions and learn to talk about things that affect them while at school. An effective school council will improve the school environment because the management will take note of whatever will be discussed. Parents are free to come to school and have a look at the minutes file of the council and the follow-ups taken.

Serwanga Moses
Head teacher